Aquaculture Pond/Building Material Excavation

We decided to do some earthworks before rainy season, so we got the excavator in for a day and a half to make a road, swale and aquaculture pond. Here you can see the beginnings of the aquaculture pond in front of our future earthbag house site. The excavated earth will be our house building material. The pond’s final depth is 2 metres. Excavator time 3 hours. Thailand excavators charge $30/hour. Sweet deal!

The pond will be filled with cow dung as a natural sealant. We will then also line it with a plastic tarp, since we don’t expect it to seal completely the first year. Catfish and Talapia are only 1/2 – 1 Thai Baht a piece, so it’s pretty cheap to set up an aquaculture system in Thailand.

Not to mention the frogs are a favorite local delicacy!


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