Super Swale


This swale is at the top of the property and will eventually feed a pole timber forest. It’s width is 2 metres. It’s depth is 1.5 m. It’s the largest swale on the property so far. Its large size is preemptive planning for climate change and the potential for stronger monsoons.

The bottom of the swale, berm and spillway will be levelled soon. The spillway is 10 metres long and 10 cm below the bottom of the berm. It will also be concreted to avoid any erosion.

The excavator did a great job removing the topsoil and placing it on top of the berm, so we have the ideal place for planting trees and green manures (beginning with laab laab bean – a local legume).

Can’t wait for the first rain to test it out!



One Comment Add yours

  1. antoinette says:

    Just a little bit jealous you got your own swale already…

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