Propagation Paioneers!

We got extra support to our crew with these wonderful volunteers, Kat and Kim, who got down and dirty, propagating and transplanting many Leucaena leucephala.


Leucaena leucephala is an excellent pioneer. Pioneers are the first generation plants that come up after fires or in other such ravaged landscapes. They are usually legumes that fix their own Nitrogen, revitalizing the soil for further plant growth. We, as permaculturalists, intend to mimic this natural process by planting masses of pioneers for the initial regeneration of our land from monoculture to a thriving natural system.

Leucaena bosts many advantages. As a legume, it fixes Nitrogen. Its the perfect chop and drop mulch plant. Its growth is rapid even in poor soils. It is also an excellent source of fodder for animals. And its green seeds and young shoots are edible for humans as well.

Propagation: Leucaena seeds require scarification in order to germinate. So before planting the seeds, let them simmer in a pot of water for 3 min at 80 degrees. This mimics the processes a seed goes through in a fire or a bird’s digestive tract. In effect, we are tricking the seed into believing it has been through one of these processes, but really we are just creating the conditions for germination. By softening the shell of the seed with heat, we are facilitating the seed’s germination.

So thanks again ladies!






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bram says:

    80 degrees centigrade or fahrenheit?

    1. permapai says:

      centigrade, so it’s not quite boiling, but fairly hot. That way you soften the seed shell without damaging the seed 🙂

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