Banana Circe of Life

Ahh! The classic Permaculture banana circle.. what a beauty. And so productive too! Banana circles are a simple set-up that provide all the bananas needs (lots of nutrients and water) with minimal input and maintentance. Making a banana circle is a bit of hard work but dead easy. You dig out a circular pit about 6…

Sprouting Cashew

Sprouting Cashew

The Office

The Office

This is where we work. No I am not kidding.

One of the perks of being a Permaculturalist! 🙂


Turning a degraded chemical monoculture farm into a Permacuture farm is an interesting process. One of the most remarkable differences is that with Permaculture we are actually creating topsoil! Check this out: 3 years ago this was completely barren hard land. Now look at it! Just from mulching, we’re getting beautiful topsoil…. Thank you mulch!…

Step by Step Tree Planting

I used to think planting a tree was as simple as making a hole and putting the tree in. Now, I’ve come to realize, proper tree-planting is an art. To help other budding tree-planters out there, here’s a step by step run through of how to plant a tree properly. Step 1: Gather your tools….

Terraced Food Forest

We are now extending the food forest to our lower terraces. We are planting the edges of our terraces with citronella, lemongrass, pineapple, sesbania grandiflora (edible flowers and young leaves), leaucaena, pidgeon pea, tephrosia (fish bean), turmeric, ginger, and galangal in an alley-cropping system (planting in a row on contour to create edges and prevent…

Slammin’ Ram Pump

Ram pumps are fossil fuel-free water pumps that provide an environmentally friendly alternative of pumping water uphill. They are simple and cheap to build and anyone can do it! Ram pumps have an efficiency rate of about 70%. They work with a simple set-up of two PVC valves. 30% of the water gets pushed out at one…