Herb Spiral Update

We got excited and took a trip to the nursery to buy a few herbs to enhance our herb spiral. These included mint, dill (an unusual variety that grows into a shrub), phak phai (an ingredient for the Thai dish laab), various kinds of basil, and even though they’re not herbs we snuck some strawberries in…

Flower Power

Beautiful to see all the flowers blooming this time of year.



Nice to see the pollinators coming in and enjoying the chemical-free wildlife!

New Shelter for Volunteers!

We built a new shelter for our volunteers using all natural materials. The poles are eucalyptus. The floor and roof beams are made out of bamboo from our land. The floor is made out of split bamboo. The roof is made out of straw and leaves. The roof is tied on with ties cut from bamboo….

Herb Spiral

Classic Permaculture design. We didn’t really feel like a Permaculture place without one of these. Herb spirals are quite a simple idea really. You create a three dimensional spiral using earth and rocks. You plant your sun, dry-loving herb species at the top of the spiral, and your shade, moist-loving species at the bottom. Herb…

Garden Mania

We decided it was time to stop mucking about and make some proper gardens. With a good solid crew it only took a couple days. We opted for some funky shaped garden designs. First we exuberantly dug up the beds. Then we dug out the paths and added that soil on top of the beds….

Volunteer Day

We had a Friday Volunteer Day at Permapai and all these wonderful folks showed up! Karen Kelly (aka Superwoman) transplants daikon. A sexy trellis erection! So in just a few hours, we planted a lemongrass wall (acting as a pest deterrent and physical weed barrier), filled a terrace with groundcovers and completed a bamboo trellis….

Groundcover Goodness

With the onset of the rains, we’ve been cover cropping to try and beat the weeds at their game. Our groundcovers include peanut, sesame, sweet potato, sunn hemp, cow pea, pumpkin, cucumber and perrenial peanut. Sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea) is an amazing groundcover. It’s a legume, so the bacteria attached to the roots actively fix…

Bamboo Trellis for Climbing Fun (for the plants NOT the people)

Here’s a simple bamboo trellis for pumpkin, cucumber, passion fruit, malabar spinach, chayote, loofah and flowering vines. The idea is you can walk underneath and collect your fruit and veggies no problem. This also lifts the fruits and veggies off the ground so the bugs can’t get them.   Malabar spinach is a perennial.  That…