Bamboo Trellis for Climbing Fun (for the plants NOT the people)

Here’s a simple bamboo trellis for pumpkin, cucumber, passion fruit, malabar spinach, chayote, loofah and flowering vines.


The idea is you can walk underneath and collect your fruit and veggies no problem. This also lifts the fruits and veggies off the ground so the bugs can’t get them.


Malabar spinach is a perennial.  That means that unlike normal spinach that you must plant again and again year after year, this spinach you only plant once.  It grows as a vine and you can pick the edible leaves whenever you please.



We’re excited about our chayote. We left them out to sprout before planting them. Here’s a sprouted chayote just planted at the base of the trellis. Yummy!


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