Garden Mania

We decided it was time to stop mucking about and make some proper gardens. With a good solid crew it only took a couple days.

We opted for some funky shaped garden designs.


First we exuberantly dug up the beds.


Then we dug out the paths and added that soil on top of the beds.


We added some make-shift bamboo walls to prevent the soil from washing away.


Next step was raking the soil level.


Next came the mulch. We mulched the paths (mainly carbon-rich material – leaves and straw) and our garden beds (banana leaves and rice husk). The mulch on the beds should be really thick. This means lots of machete action!


Then came the planting. Here you can see us planting into our mulched garden beds.









Planting is quite easy. You just make a hole in your mulch, fill it with compost and put in your seeds.












But the most important part of making a garden is to have a good crew!



The Kelly Sisters


Loic – the Goofy Gardener


This photo basically sums it up – Hurrah!

And finally some flute to enjoy the peace of the garden.

Image  Yay!


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