A Walk Down Memory Lane

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, our paradise was a chemical monoculture garlic plantation.


In the rainy season it was GMO soy bean and rice.

After arriving in 2008, I ended this practice and left the land bare. I didn’t know how to grow anything, but at least I knew the land was organic.


I moved to the land first living under a plastic tarp over 3 bamboo poles. Neighboring farmers helped me build a little bamboo hut and earthen toilet. I began some basic vegetable cultivation. Baths were in the stream. It was the quintessential idyllic simple life.


Now 4 and a half years later, you can see the transformation of this land in the rest of this blog.

It’s a beautiful healing process for this land and a wonderful, truly joyful, thing to watch!

We encourage all with land to do the same.

It will only reward you!


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