Dam it’s fine!

Major discovery today! So exciting I had to blog about it right away…

Our hand-made dams in our temporary stream (made in April, visit our blog Dam it!) are now full of water and have turned into proper dams.


A shot of the dam a few weeks ago..

dam empty

As you can see, just a puddle.

What is incredible to me is that it is January and rainy season ended months ago. This pond has filled just from soil saturation and possibly run-off from neighboring sprinklers. We can’t wait to see the water level of our dams in the rainy season!

There is a series of 3 dams on this temporary stream, each relieving pressure on the next dam. Each of the dams is now holding water.


We aim to add a bicycle pump in this pond to pump water up into a tank that could water gardens and food forest.

We are also very excited at the prospect of introducing aquatic plant and fish species into this newly created system.


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