Fired Up

It’s that time of year again. Forest fires, slash and burn, village trash, farmer’s mulch and garden prunings. After three months of no rain, all gets burned. Pollution levels soar, as do lung-related diseases.

It’s an exciting time for Permaculturalists, running around trying to salvage mulch materials from fires to farms.


This particular morning, we awoke in our tent to the sound of zishing flames. Dangerously close to our old bamboo hut, our neighbor lit a fire in a fairly giant clump of bamboo.


Luckily, a local Opataw (Emergency Discharge Unit) official was already on it with a walkie talkie, directing the neighbor to put it out. I was visibly impressed!

Already the mountains light up with rings of fires each night and no official will be able to stop them all.

Nothing for it, but to wait for the hot dry season to end, plug your noses and try to salvage as much mulch as possible!


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