Welcome to Pootopia! Where poop feeds our food…

ImageThe compost toilet is a simple system whereby you can poop in a bucket, add some carbon material such as dried leaves. Wood ash and dolomite are also a good addition. After each poop, you add some carbon to create a well-balanced compost that will decompose within a year into compost that you can use on your trees (not recommended for veggies). No urine in this system.

We made our compost toilet with a 40 gallon plastic drum with small aeration holes drilled in. We used plywood with a hole cut in to poop with a toilet seat snug on top of the plastic barrel. We also added a 3 inch PVC pipe running through the plywood to the bottom of the barrel. We drilled holes in the part of the PVC beneath the plywood in the barrel for aeration. On the top of the PVC we added a T-Junction with flyscreen covering the openings to allow air to enter, but keep flies out.

We still need to perfect this system, but the basics are simple and readily available to everyone!


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