Architect Brainstorm


In early February, we were very fortunate to have three volunteer architects design the roof for our new earth house. We had several hour-long design and discussion sessions, which accumulated in a beautiful roof design inspired by natural patterns.


The final design was based on the spiral found again and again in nature, and the leaf. The leaf intrinsically designed for solar power and water collection is the fundamental basis of the design.

The Basic Idea:


The Final Idea:


The design was highly site-specific, taking the finest views, strongest winds and angles of the sun into consideration. Luckily our architects had time for on-site observation.


Our final design session resulted in the creation of some models to truly visualize our conceptual ideas.




In addition to natural patterns, this design is also based on a polarity of elements. On one side of the structure will be the roof rainwater collection, on the other side a pond and fire pit. On the one side water, on the other fire. We don’t know much about feng shui, but having a balance of elements in your structure can certainly do no harm!

Many thanks to Teuta Jerliu, Jean Roche and Marie Barthe for their brilliant minds and contributions in time and energy. Thank you!


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