Permaculture Convergence, Thailand 2013

It seems it is finally happening… A solid cohesive network of permaculture and organic projects in Thailand is finally coming together!

On May 4th and 5th, coincidentally timed perfectly with International Permaculture Day,  Thailand’s very first Permaculture Convergence took place, with over 20 projects coming together to share seeds, knowledge and resources, and offering support to one another in time, labor and friendship.

The Panya Project generously offered to host the convergence in their new sala (communal structure). A more fitting location would be difficult to find.


An incredibly productive two days followed, with wonderful people, ideas and valuable information exchanged.


Jon Jandai, founder of Punpun seed saving and natural building center and guest speaker at the convergence, offered his simple but powerful message of a more simple world.


The convergence ended with an impressive seed swap full of abundance and diversity.


It seems that some beautiful relationships between people and projects will be forged with such an alliance. Nothing could help Permaculture projects more that a national network of support and encouragement. Just as the strength and resilience of natural systems comes from their intricate web of interconnections and mutual co-operation, our projects will likewise flourish from such a network of interactions, connections and cooperation.

Let us WHOOSH into the future!


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