Rethink Rebuild Redo Action


Since our covered camping area/roof rainwater catchment structure designed to hold 3 campers could not withstand the 15 volunteers at a time, a rethink/redesign/rebuild action was necessary.

We put our previous concerns aside, and opted for a strong, solid cement foundation, with large eucalyptus poles bolted into the rebar sticking out of the cement footers.

We finally got great workers with an experienced supervisor (a team of three) to build this very solid structure. We also changed our roofing material from natural thatch to corrugated iron (sang-ka-see in Thai) for drinkable rainwater catchment.

First we took down our rickety existing structure.


Then they marked with string the precise location of each pillar. In each location a deep hole was dug for the cement footer foundation.


Next these holes were filled with gravel and cement.

Then up went the poles.


Next came the roof frame.


Upon which went the corrugated iron sheet roofing. Luckily we had a cowboy on the job!





A final shot coming up soon! Also our main catchment tanks from this roof have been resealed properly and should be fully functional this rainy season!


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