The Permaculture Food Forest – A Lifetime Investment

As two young people, we have a to be careful where we spend our money. So we have been setting up this project pinching pennies here and there, doing nothing fully and properly, with greatly reduced quality.

After two years spent not spending money, we have realized that this largely results in a massive waste of time and lower quality result.

For the food forest this year, we do not want to hold back. We see planting trees as a lifetime investment. If you are happy to spend hundreds of dollars on flights, food, rent, travel, insurance, etc; why not be willing to spend a similar amount on trees? They are after all a lifetime investment in food security, where surplus can even be profitable.

In our food forest we purposely selected certain trees whose products fetch a high price, such as cashew, macademia and avocado. Our other selections tend to be our favorite foods plus anything else we can add to increase biodiversity.

This year we have spent hundreds of dollars on trees, and I believe they are the best thing we have ever spent money on. I’d encourage anyone with a plot of land to do likewise. A food forest is an investment you will not regret!

Here we are: new proud parents…














Finally our dreams come true! We get to go to the nursery and buy to our heart’s content! All these trees destined for an organic permaculture food forest.. What could be greater than that!


Another two truckloads where this came from and we are all set to fill our 3 acre food forest!


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