House Update

We’ve been so busy building, I have not had the chance to update our progress on the blog. So here it is, a picture of where we are at right now.



A quick look at how we got here.

First we made loads of earth bricks. Please see previous blog entry Muddy Brickers. 

We made a rubble trench foundation and stabilised earth stemwall. Also outlined in earlier entries.

Then, with the help of many volunteers, we laid our bricks with earthen mortar.  Gradually our walls grew.


Then we set in our windows and doors using cob.


We made sure to add some upcycled materials for aesthetics.

We went to work building the earthbag part of our structure.


Local construction workers went to work on the roof, since we have only very basic carpentry skills.



So that, very roughly, is the house update. Anyone wanting some more details on the process just post a question and we’ll get more information back to you.


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