Bamboo Chook Nook

With our bamboo wizard neighbor and his moonshine drinking buddy, we tried out an idea for a bamboo chicken tractor. We made it to fit our food forest terraces and the idea was to move it along the parts we had not yet planted to prepare the soil for the newly planted tree this year. Here is our final result:



Unfortunately the second day in the making the two wizards decided 3 was the new 5 and 3 pm was this workdays end. This preemptive end resulted in the first five chickens making a 30 second escape scheme which left a beautifully made chicken tractor completely devoid of chickens.

Free-Range Chickens

As always the problem is the solution, and the loss of these 5 chickens from the tractor, created a wonderfully successful experiment in free-range chickens.


After the first fail of the chicken tractor, we reinforced the edges of the tractor ourselves and got 5 more chickens. These I left in the tractor for 5 days. I trained them to respond to a food call. Meanwhile the other 5 were getting on beautifully in the food forest, scratching the soil, eating bugs, sleeping in trees, evading kitties and behaving all around as natural chickens would. It was such a pleasure to see these five free-rangers roam about, that the other five we quickly released as well.

The Chicken Feud Of Food

Unfortunately, these two groups of chickens do not mingle. It is very much as though the Montagues and Capulets are staging their play with our land as the stage. At feeding time it is especially vicious with monstrous rooster show-downs. If we are ever strapped for cash I am sure we can start charging entrance fees for the show or turn our garden into a gambling den. We can only hope for a Romeo and Juliet to rise above these two families’ feud and unite them as one!


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