Chickens and Compost

Now with all the new chickens, they need a home; hence our bamboo chicken coop.




They are quite comfy in there with nooks and roosts to sleep and lay eggs. The coop is also an excellent place to collect poop for fertilizer.

And to add to this fertile atmosphere, we made a fairly large cold compost behind the coop using organic matter from neighboring fields which would otherwise get burnt!



We used fresh cow manure, banana leaves, corn husks and cobs from a neighboring farm, and chopped legume (nitrogen fixing) branches and leaves. Important is to layer your greens (nitrogen: fresh manure and leafy greens) and your browns (carbon: dried organic matter such as old leaves, dried corn husks, straw, hay. etc) like yummy lasagna.



And remember to water every layer and at the end. Parched microbes simply won’t do their job.



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