Snake Soup Converts Vegetarians!

Our neighbor Sailomjoy, Shan musician and chef extraordinaire, kindly offered to cook us a meal. How could we resist? Especially when we had just caught and killed two edible snakes (nguu jing) on the property!


The result: Tom Yum Ngoo. Tom Yum is the traditional, delicious Thai spicy soup, most commonly cooked with shrimp.  Ngoo means snake.

The snake was killed with a quick nail to the head. It was then gutted and roasted over a fire, so it wouldn’t go bad until we cooked it the next day.

Next day for lunch, our snakes were chopped up in tasty morsels for the soup (with a machete of course).


Mmmm Tom yummy!


People had to concur, it did indeed taste like chicken..


Even the vegetarian had to give tom yum ngoo a go! The event was properly documented..


Food is one of the best ways to surmount cultural differences. It brings everyone together, even Thai-yai snake killers/eaters and vegetarian westerners. So hooray for tom yum ngoo!


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