The Bare Necessities: Electricity and Running Water

A bit old this post, but a year ago we finally got electricity and running water.

This has been a consistent problem due to local bureaucracy. The stream bordering our property divides the districts. The village is on the other side of the stream, therefore in another district.  For this reason, we can not connect to the village electricity or running water.

Luckily, Sailin, our local manager/caretaker bought the property opposite the stream from us.  So we have hooked up to his electricity and running water with permission from the village chief.

This was an interesting endeavour.  First we strung a metal suspension cord across the stream. To this we tied the water pipe.

From this we get water from a natural spring above the village. This we use in the house for cooking, showering and cleaning.


For irrigation, we have a pump that pumps water from the stream into the tanks at the top of the property. This is an electric pump, since we are no longer living here (due to work and studies). The electric pump is easier to maintain in our absence.


Electricity we also hooked up from Sailin’s house. After years of refusing to hook up to the grid, we have now done so for convenience sake and it has been worth it.  The small investment of electricity used helps us to use electric tools for other sustainable projects (most recently a thermosyphon solar hot water heater) and irrigating the food forest, which mitigates climate change. We have considered the costs and benefits of hooking up to the grid and in this case it has been worth it.


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