Return after 10 months absence

After 10 months absence due to family and studies abroad, I returned to the land hardly recognizing the plants we planted just 1 year before! In the tropics, the rainy season can be an intense growing period. In our case, most plants doubled in size!

Here’s just a quick look at how much things have grown:


Banana Firebreak


Coconut Palm


Terrace of the Food Forest


Coffee in the Shade of larger legumes and productive trees


The Swale – a passive water harvesting ditch on contour


Cassava – an edible root crop

SAM_6478 - Kopie

Stubble after our first rice harvest

SAM_6485 - Kopie

Star Apple

SAM_6489 - Kopie

Pondside Plants (Papyrus and lemongrass)

SAM_6500 - Kopie

Flower in the Ginger Family used for shampoo

SAM_6504 - Kopie - Kopie

Aloe vera and Brazil peanut groundcover


Moringa oleifera – a superfood, every part of the tree is edible and rich in vitamins!


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