Lab Results

The results from the laboratory tests outlined in the previous blog post are now available.




The land use types tested are as follows:

ORT – Organic Rice Terrace

CRT – Conventional Rice Terrace

PF – Pioneer Forest

FF – Food Forest

NF – Natural Forest

HR – Hillslope Rice

The organic rice terrace, pioneer forest and food forest are on the PermaPai property. The rest are in the surrounding area and neighboring properties. By comparing the same depth ( ie. compare the A horizon) between all land use types, you can get an idea for differences in soil quality between the different sites.

The PermaPai property has higher nutrient values than surrounding fields. Though not necessarily a direct correlation with land use, these results are an indication that permaculture land use can have beneficial effects on the soil.

Good news to know that our hard work over the years is gradually paying off in improved soil quality!

Contact us for a copy of the full soil quality study or for more information on how to monitor and compare soils.


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